Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to install Dungeon Siege 2 (and Broken World) mods

Hi Everyone!

Apparently DS2 is such an old game now that installation instructions may be required because they are hard to find on the internet!

  • Mods are packed in resource files, commonly with the ds2res extension.
  • In your installation of Dungeon Siege II, there should be a Resources folder, such as Dungeon Siege 2\Resources. If you have Broken World installed, find the Resources folder of the Broken World installation instead (possibly in a subdirectory of Program Files\2K Games\ ).
  • Copy the ds2res file of the mod into the Resources subdirectory.
  • Note that mod makers cannot typically resolve mod conflicts with someone else's mod -- that is, errors caused by two or more mods having modified the same resource file.