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Free Download 3D Analyze 2.36 Graphic Card Emulator Full Version

3D Analyze 2.36 Free Download
3D Analyze 2.36 Free Full Download

3D Analyze 2.36 Download

Software Description

3d Analyze is a Graphic Card Emulator that may emulate all of the options of a 3d Graphic Card like pixel shader 1.1, 1.4, 2.0, bump maps and much stuff. If a game stops operating on your system simply because you do not have a Graphic Card, don't worry! 3d Analyze will do it for you. 

With this new instrument for remodel and lightning (TnL) hardware emulation that will enable you to play DirectX games with hardware that's not initially supported by sure games.

3D-Analyze is a instrument for rework and lightning hardware emulation. So it is vitally helpful for operating TnL video games on video cards that haven't on board devoted circuits for TnL calculations (like all Voodoo, Kyro, some Radeon and older). It uses power of central processing unit to do emulation.

The 3D Analyzer Tool was created and refined to beat limitations
posed by fashionable 3D Video games and different Functions on a number of present
mainstream 3D Cards. Primary performance will equip non-T&L playing cards with a software program substitute.

It is a very simple and but very highly effective device that everyone will know how you can use. Yet, this is presently achieved not by Emulation however by NUL-Rendering. This implies, advanced 3D Options the Card isn't succesful  of, are reported as out there in Hardware, however have their calls intercepted and the respective 3D Options will not be rendered.

These functions are based upon the premise and concepts, that:
- 3D Games could be launched, that in any other case would fail on account of lack of Hardware support.
- No 3D Game should solely depend on a few, isolated rendering features, and therefore lack of picture high quality by NUL-Rendering 'ought to' be minimal and acceptable in most cases.


· OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
· Video: Direct3D capable VGA Card
· HDD: 1 GB of free space if ebug Logging is desired

How To Use 3D Analyze To Run Games?

Run 3d Analyze, Select the game exe, Select just a few options you wish to emulate and there u go the sport runs perfectly now.

Download 3D-Analyze 2.36b and Install somewhere

1- Start 3D-Analyze
2- Click "Select" A window will open, Navigate to the .exe of the game you want to play.
3- Example... C:/Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 4
4- Now put a tick in the boxes, Emulate HW TnL Caps, Emulate other dc8.1 caps, Emulate pixel shader caps, and Force high precision pixels etc like you can see in the pic given below.

Wel this is the recommended setting that will work with almost all the games:

3D Analyze 2.36 Default Settings

Now Click "Save batch file" and a window will open asking what you want to name the batch file & where you want to save it to. Save it to your desktop. Now go to your desktop and double click the batch file you just created. This will start the game. (In order to play the game you will have to use that bat on you desktop to run it)

Note: Each unique game requires different settings in 3D-Analyzer so this is the default settings of 3d Analyze hope so these settings will work for you. Wish you good luck!!!

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WarTune Tips - Farming

This post is one of our series of tips for WarTune, a 2.5D MMO converted from the Chinese version, Divine Comedy. It is free to play, with optional features you can purchase with money.
In this post, we will talk about farming.

Farming is a very cooperative activity. The more friends you have, the faster the farms in your network grow. Here are the basic system rules:
  • You can earn 200 Farm XP per day (a new day begins at midnight, server time) through removing Weeds, removing Worms, or Reviving Crops -- FOR OTHER PEOPLE.
    • You can still remove Weeds and Worms or Revive Crops, but there is no Farm XP and it is not clear if the Friendliness count continues to increase.
  • You can remove Weeds and Worms from your own crops, and you always get XP for doing so, even if you have already earned 200 Farm XP from helping others.
  • You cannot Revive your own crops, but you can dig them up and start again.
  • Your mature crops can be "stolen": This shows up in your Farm Log as seeds stolen by so-and-so.
    • Each time someone steals your crop, they take 10%. A crop can be stolen no more than 3 times, after which anyone trying will get the message that it is "almost gone" and cannot be harvested. The minimum you get is 70%.
    • There is a limit on the number of times you can steal per day, so BE CHOOSY and scan the crops carefully. Always go for Kyanite since everyone can only have a single Kyanite producing plant in their garden at any one time, and Kyanite is hard to get.
  • You can Energize everyone's tree, including your own, twice a day with a cooldown period in between. There is actually a limit to this as well, probably around 200 Energizations. After that, you cannot Energize a friends' tree.
The optimal arrangement, then, is for everyone to ONLY Energize your tree or Revive your crops, because you can only do the former for yourself twice, and cannot do the latter at all. By leaving Weeds and Worms on your farm, they would be allowing you to continue to get XP beyond the 200 for helping other people.
Typically, however, everyone will do everything they can to get the 200 XP per day as quickly as possible.

Stealing is more or less unavoidable. There is even a quest that requires you to steal 2 crops. In general, it keeps everyone happy and everyone gets more of a harvest if they are present to steal crops when they are ready. If not, too bad. In any case, it is only a secondary benefit of having had everyone's help  and being in part of a larger network that helps you quickly get ahead as well.
As a courtesy, I would leave alone any crop that you cannot normally buy in the Farm Shop (e.g., plants that produce Vouchers).

In terms of what to farm, I would personally go with Kyanite (the one plant you are allowed) and either Daru (which is used up in enormous quantities and which is time-consuming to get otherwise) or Gold (if you are rushing for Guild Skills and Astrals). A lot of people like EXP plants, but in the early game, EXP is comparatively easy to get through Bounties and other activities. In my opinion, it's not supremely helpful to be of a high level but not have enough Gold, Daru, and Kyanite to keep up the upgrades.

Crops have varying maturity times. If you like micromanaging, you can plant 1-hour crops, which are theoretically less liable to be stolen because the yield is very small for the farm thief, and it counts against their daily number of farm thefts. However, you do have to set your watch for the crop to mature.
I personally prefer the 4-hour crops, and would go for the 12-hour ones if they didn't cost Balens (and therefore, real money).

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WarTune Tips - Troops

This post is one of our series of tips for WarTune, a 2.5D MMO converted from the Chinese version, Divine Comedy. It is free to play, with optional features you can purchase with money.
In this post, we will talk about troops.

There are two sets of troops: Those you can hire from Barracks, and those Creature Units you can get from monster lairs in dungeon maps or as rewards.
  • When hiring troops, try not to hire the maximum, but instead 200 units short of the maximum. The reason is that you sometimes get Bounties that require you to hire 200 units of a troop type. If you have maximized your troop population, you cannot hire that 200 and will have to disband troops (or lose them in combat) first to make that room.
  • Hiring quests only choose from units you can hire, so if you have a few units left of a type you are not going to hire anymore, you may want to keep them around for a while.
Barracks Troops
There are basically two types of units: Defensive infantry, and something else. Defensive infantry units such as the Lancer and Paladin have a high PDEF score and are typically more useful because most of the enemies you encounter will have an attack that is defended against by PDEF.
In the early game, when you need meat shields in front of you to keep your hero alive, then these types of units are mandatory. Later on, if your hero has a very high PDEF, you may want to actually put your hero in front to keep your troops alive to deal damage. At that point, you may want to consider taking a variant unit. Knights and Archers are the ones who primarily have this option, and units like the Hunter and Priest can actually be viable. Mages will typically need to use Lancers and Paladins as they can't really soak hits by being up front.

The stats here have the syntax <stat name><base value><bonus per level upgrade>.

Level 1 stats
Lancer 64 50 40 323
Hunter 80 40 50 258
Priest 128 60 128 396
Paladin 128 128 60 396
Gryphon 156 100 80 762


Bonus per additional level
Lancer 20 16 9 9
Hunter 20 9 9 7
Priest 41 14 30 12
Paladin 41 50 24 15
Gryphon 49 23 19 24

The basic choice, and there is a quest to level them up to 3rd. They can only attack the front row of enemies. Their special ability is a 50% chance to do 150% damage -- in the long run, this works out to an average of 125% damage.
I like the lancer for all hero types because their special ability, plus their front-rank-only attacks means concentrated damage against fewer opponents, and concentrated damage tends to mean the enemy stacks die more quickly, which in turn means you take less damage overall. In WarTune, how hurt a stack presently is does not affect how much damage they inflict.
You can reach level 20 very, very quickly, so you may want to be cautious about upgrading past 15th level, if you even want to invest in daru for that sort of upgrade. A level 20 Paladin will serve you very well for a very long time -- it can be a very long way to Gryphons at Barracks level 30. There is, however, the interesting option of just staying in town or on the lowest-level Wilds Map, and waiting for level 30 by doing Bounties and easy Daily Quests.

The basic choice, and there is a quest to level them up to 3rd.
This can be a good choice IF you can keep them alive, which in turn means your hero having a good enough PDEF to survive on the front row without them as a shield. Unfortunately, by the time you have that kind of PDEF, the unit may well be obsolete (this is probably the case with a Mage hero, who has very poor PDEF in general).
Putting your hero is front is a bit of a gamble because only the Mage can heal themselves without resorting to items like runes (which aren't easy to come by).

Their special ability is 30% chance to fire two shots instead of one. Both shots do 100% damage, and the unit has a higher critical hit rate and critical damage rating. This looks good, except that it can hit any formation position. Against large formations, it can actually show down your ability to kill stacks, which in turn means you are getting hit by every stack for more turns than if you had concentrated damage on the front ranks. Remember that attacks randomly choose 1 target from all valid stacks in the enemy formation.

A very interesting choice, but one which I don't think I want to gamble the daru to experiment with. Priests will be weak against almost every enemy -- only the few with magical attacks will have a tough time with them. However, their attack uses MATK (magic) and is defended against by MDEF, which very few units have much of. Only Hunters have more MDEF than PDEF.
Definitely a unit that needs a hero shield. Their special ability is a 20% chance to hit every enemy unit for 80% damage, and that has a lot of potential, especially when most units will be weak to their damage. However, as combat progresses and units die off, the benefit starts to shrink.

Their special ability is 40% chance of a second hit for 135% damage, as well as slowing the enemy by 50% for 1 turn. Not as powerful as hitting every stack, but it is concentrated damage that works out to 154% damage per attack.

They can hit anyone in the enemy formation, but suffers from the same issue as archers: Diffused damage means longer combat and more damage taken. Their high Health compared to the Paladin can't be ignored, though, especially as level 31 enemies will be extremely tough even against troops that are +/- 2 in levels.
As with the Lancers, if you have already upgraded your Paladins to 20th-level, you may want to consider staying with easy maps or grinding the Catacomb (making sure you get Crypt Tokens) until you can get Knights. You won't do well in the Arena or other PvP events, but if that is not important to you, then put your hero in front of your troops and wait for Gryphons. In the long run, you'll save a lot of Daru.



Creature Units
Generally it will be better to just sell these for gold since they are invariably never of a higher level than your character, and you have no way of hiring more whenever you want, so you could end up with a residual few units that still use up your Population total.
That said, they are typically more powerful for their level than regular troops, so if you have enough to field a full army, you may want to use them for a special occasion and disband any remainder.
The gold you can get varies according to the troop level.

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WarTune Tips - Tutorial

This post is one of our series of tips for WarTune, a 2.5D MMO converted from the Chinese version, Divine Comedy. It is free to play, with optional features you can purchase with money.
In this post, we will talk about optimizing your time in the Tutorial.

You may be wondering why we are bothering with what is basically a tutorial for a tutorial. There are in fact a lot of things that may not occur to you to do or not do, and we'll go through them here.
  • This is not part of the official tutorial walkthrough -- Free Gifts. Get it here.
  • If you open the chest that has the 2-hour VIP trial, but are not ready to use that two hours, you can close your browser window and reload the server. This should result in the VIP trial voucher sitting idly in your inventory until you use it.
  • After doing the guided quest to capture 2 mines, look around the map for a higher-level mine. You can only hold two mines, so to release one, either go back to your Town Hall and click the "x" to release a mine, or click on your own mine and click the "x" button that shows, asking if you really want to release that resource.
    • If you get moved to the Autaric Plains, you lose both mines. Depending on the level of your troops, you will probably be able to easily capture level 20 mines on the Autaric Plains.
    • There is a separate quest that requires you to capture 2 mines. If you already have two, release one and attack it again to recapture it. You can do this twice but the quest will think you captured two mines, and announce the quest as complete.
  • After attacking one of the NPC cities, you might as well attack the other. If for some reason you still haven't moved to the Autaric Plains, you can check back to see if the city protection timer has expired, then raid them yet again.
  • Try to quickly advance through the quests until you kill Wulfgar, because that quest completion starts the stay-logged-in timer that gives you rewards for staying logged in at that point. The Vouchers you can get from it are critical to getting the 395 Vouchers needed to get a second Construction crew.
  • Until level 11, your hero's HP is automatically restored to full after every fight, so if you are able to soak the damage, you might as well put your hero in front.
    • After that, you will need a Health Potion. You can buy one at any time, but there is a quest to Energize your Friends' trees that will get you potions every day. Try to do that quest first before you get into any fights when you are level 11+.
  • The Baylon Plains includes a Hunter's Cache defended by level 9 Huntera that are significantly tougher than Tauren of an equal level. You will probably need troops of Level 6+ to clear the cache, but level 8-9 Lancers will typically do quite well.
    • You can upgrade your troops without being in your city, but you cannot upgrade your Barracks unless you exit the dungeon and are back in the city.
    • If you find you just can't do it, don't exit the map and waste the 20 Stamina you used to enter the map. Just try to finish it and come back with upgraded troops.
  • The enchanting quest forces you to enchant your staff at least once. You need to enchant something to level 3, but it needn't be the same staff. Choose something you think will be worn for a long time, and enchant that to level +3. You must enchant a single item to +3, not simply do 3 enchantments.

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WarTune Tips - Getting Started / Basic Tips

This post is one of our series of tips for WarTune, a 2.5D MMO converted from the Chinese version, Divine Comedy. It is free to play, with optional features you can purchase with money.
In this post, we will talk about the very basics of getting a game going, and other tips that don't really fit elsewhere. The topics are: Choosing a Server, Choosing a Character, Currencies (including Tokens and Keys), and Miscellaneous Tips.

Choosing a Server
Before you commit to playing the game -- and definitely BEFORE you spend any money -- check out the game. Choose one of the time zones with a lot of servers and pick one with a small number (i.e., an early server). Then, just play the game with this "Test Account". Once you decide you want to get serious and commit time to building a character, it's time to pick the proper server. There are two main considerations: Server Time and Server Age.

Server Time
Do not simply choose one based on your geographical location or time zone. Choose one that fits your schedule. With your Test Account, look at the server event bar (Clock) at the very top and take note of when key events happen: When a "day" starts, when farming resets, when mines expire, when World Boss, Arena, and Battleground events occur. When you have this information, compare it with your own schedule and when you can play. You really don't want to have to get to a computer at an awkward time because your mines have expired and you need to run around looking for new mines.

Server Time Zones:
  • North America West Coast: GMT -8 = Pacific Standard Time
  • North America East Coast: GMT -5 = Eastern Standard Time
  • Europe: GMT +0
  • Oceanic: GMT +8 = Australian Western Standard Time
Key Server Events: (Server Time)
  • Dungeon and Stamina Reset: 5 am
  • Mine Expiration: Server Time 12:30am, 12:30pm (?)
  • Tree of Ancients (farm day): 2359h, or approximately 12 am
To find out what time an event will happen in local time, take the Server Time, first calculate the span of time difference. E.g., You are in North America West Coast (GMT-8). The server is Oceanic (GMT+7). This is a total time difference of +16 hours (they are 16 hours ahead of West Coast North America). The Tree of Ancients Reset will occur at 12am Oceanic Time. Roll back 16 hours = 8 am North American time. The Dungeon Reset will occur at 5am Oceanic Time. Roll back 16 hours = 1pm North American Time.
  • In North America (WC and EC), during Daylight Savings Time (2nd Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in November), add 1 hour.
Dungeon Reset: 5am Server Time:
WC 5am = EC 8am = Europe 1pm = Oceanic 9pm.
WC 2am = EC 5am = Europe 10am = Oceanic 6pm.
WC 9pm = EC 12am = Europe 5am = Oceanic 1pm.
WC 1pm = EC 4pm = Europe 9pm = Oceanic 5am.

Server Age
When R2Games starts a new Server for WarTune, it becomes the "recommended" server and new players will typically get channelled there and a lot of people will be on more or less an equal footing (maybe +/- 10 levels). If you start in one of the oldest servers, everyone maybe be level 30+ except you. This can be a big problem when it comes to making Friends to help with your farm. It' not necessarily that they don't want to be your friend because you have a small new farm -- they may simply have maxed out on their Friend list and can't accept anyone else.
If you want to jumpstart your farm, choosing a newer server will probably let you make Friends more quickly.

On the other hand, on older servers you may well find a lot of abandoned accounts, which is good news for raids on cities since no one is home to continue developing the character. If you find one, you can then just hit their city over and over again.
It is also good for Solo Arena IF you are not intent on clawing your way to the top. If you're just doing it for Daily Devotion or to fulfill quest requirements, then having a lot of abandoned accounts in the bottom ranks of the Solo Arena will help you easily complete Solo Arena Challenge quests.

Choosing a Character
Ideally you should try all three character types before making a final commitment, but that can be pretty time-consuming. A short-cut is to look at the skill trees to decide what powers you might like.
If you are looking to make powerful characters for the Arena, all classes can be powerful if you do them right, no matter what popular opinion in the forum says or what everyone seems to be playing. If you watch the World Boss fights, which list the top damage dealers, every class is represented, although for the moment there are a lot of Archers because they are popular.
Whether you are aiming for a powerful character or not, it is probably more important in the long run to play what you like to play and how you like to play. It is very important not to be swayed simply by popular opinion -- especially if you pay money -- because opinion can change but you can't restart your character or get your time (and money) back. If you abandon your character and start new, all that time (and money) can't be refunded. If you truly like the character you are playing, you'll probably not want to abandon your character to restart a new class.

Quickly recognize the different currencies and get a feel for how quickly you can accumulate each. The more exclusive they are, the more conservative you should be about spending them.

You will never get enough of this because there are so many costly uses for them. However, given a choice between gold and any other currency, never pick gold because you also have so many ways of obtaining it.
In the early game, do NOT spend gold on anything chancy, including Enchanting your items -- this assuming that you will not be participating in PvP Arena in earnest and will need every ounce of power you can give your character. Even then, try to buy up anything that is permanent. Gear comes and goes, and until around level 25, you get replacements very quickly.
I recommend you first upgrade your buildings, then buy up Guild Skills (at 200 Contribution points for the first level, this is already 200,000 gold). As soon as you can, grab just enough Astrals that your character doesn't have any wasted room, but switch back to buying permanent bonuses that will stay with your city or character instead of going away when you swap out your gear that has become obsolete. When you can't buy any more Guild Skills, switch to the Astral lottery.

Used to upgrade troops. Quite common and initially you may think you have enough, but you don't. The main problem is that any investment to upgrade the level of a unit type is non-transferable, and units become obsolete later. Further, as you go up in level, you typically want to upgrade your troops to your level. Otherwise they will get slaughtered in battle and you will lose a lot of gold replacing your troops.
Three main sources of Daru are: The Duskin Arena (you can get upwards of 15,000 Daru from the two tombs), Farming (planting Daru seeds), and killing randomly generated enemies on the World Map. 
If you are grinding for Daru on the World Map, get a feel for each map and whether you are getting sufficiently more Daru than on a lower level map. Sometimes, it just isn't worth it (e.g., The L25-30 map compared to the L11-20 map).

The easiest source of this is from your Tree of Ancients, which resets once a day.
You can only grow 1 Kyanite plant in your farm at any one time, so always grow that. And always choose the Kyanite plant when you are allowed to steal from your Friends' farms (you net 10% every time you steal, but you can steal from a crop only once per day).
You can also get Kyanite as an additional reward for successfully raiding a city, and for that reason some people like to raid cities a lot. The raided cities do not lose any Kyanite. The 10% of gold lost can typically be made up by Friending them and allowing them to steal from your crops; if you are worried about a bad reaction from the raided city, you could PM them a quick apology and that offer.
If you insist on maximizing more than one research path available to your Academy, you will also probably have to aggressively attack your neighbours. Otherwise, you can usually get away with fully researching at least one option and still have kyanite left over.

Vouchers are somewhat hard to come by if you use them up quickly. Your initial large amount is deceptive as they come from the starter reward boxes. Be very stingy when it comes to using these:
  • You can get vouchers once per day from your Tree of the Ancients (along with Kyanite).
  • You are given several quests to accelerate building cooldown time using vouchers. This is a tutorial type quest, but it is really also to get you used to that convenience. Cooldown times will quickly stretch into a few hours, so if you get hooked now, you might end up giving in to temptation and paying money to perform cooldowns.
    • Instead, notice that one of the Devotion tasks is to use Vouchers. You can use Vouchers to accelerate a cooldown. So instead, you can kill 2 birds with one stone and do only one cooldown per day only. This conserves your Vouchers (which are hard to come by) and lets you keep checking off that Devotion task for a long time.
    • Also notice that if a timer is 10 minutes or less, the cost in Vouchers is at the minimum (5 Vouchers). So wait until you need to spend only 5 vouchers before accelerating the cooldown.
Your very first use of Vouchers should be to get another Construction crew. This costs 395 vouchers, but you can get more than that through the freebies the game gives you. We'll talk more about this when we look at the Tutorial in another post.

Vouchers are also used to expand your inventory, and doing this rapidly costs a lot of vouchers, so you want to save your vouchers for that. If you are aggressive in pruning your inventory, you might need just 1-2 rows even up to level 30, unless you are a hoarder.

You only get Balens when you spend real money. A lot of functions can use, or must use, Balens, such as the Market; and people who spend real money in this game are more or less overwhelmed with rewards.
That said, there's plenty enough to do for hours on end even if you don't spend money to unlock "VIP" features. I had my hands full with just the free to play content so it never crossed my mind to spend money.
VIP status can reduce the amount of Devotion you need for daily freebies, which in turn means you can skip doing certain things -- but look carefully at the Devotion task list, and if you are going to do all of them anyway (some are very commonplace actions), then don't let this be the only thing you pay for.

Medallions and Crypt Tokens
Be very, very, stingy using these.
Medallions and Crypt Tokens let you buy some of the best gear instead of blindly hoping for a good random drop during a dungeon run. Never grind hoping for good gear -- it's useless when you can simply buy not just items greatly better, but which provide you set bonuses sometimes for as few as 2 items.
The easiest of the Tokens to get are Crypt Tokens, from the Forgotten Catacombs. Instead of starting at the lowest level you explored, restart at level 1 so you pass by the bosses and their treasures chests (containing Tokens) again.

Crypt Keys
Crypt Keys are only useful if you are going to enter the Catacombs more than once per day, since you get to enter them once for free. Also, you get Crypt Keys at each boss chest in the Catacombs, so there's a slow but steady supply. Don't worry too much about this.

Skeleton Keys
Skeleton Keys are very hard to find. You can reliably get 1 per day if you reach 95 Devotion, but that involves doing almost everything, including at least 1 multiplayer event (Team Arena or Multiplayer Dungeon Run). If you are about 10 levels higher than an MP Dungeon, you can probably solo it but you will be too high of a level to get any EXP at the end.
Don't waste Skeleton Keys on Mystery Chests unless you are hoping for something in particular and there's no other way to get it. Typically they can drop interesting items like City Protection Tokens, but those aren't particularly useful anyway.
A different use for Skeleton Keys is to spawn a Boss Encounter in some Multiplayer Dungeons where there is a "Summoner" character. The encounter will be against a clone of your party and you always get a quest item (e.g., Crystaloid). By the way, you cannot fool the Summoner by unequipping your gear before spawning the boss encounter. Apparently the cloning happens after.

Miscellaneous Tips
  • Do NOT blindly follow all instructions immediately when they are given as quests. Stop and think. Here are some examples:
    • Every 5 levels until level 30, you are told to open a "starter" kit chest, which will pop out maybe 5 items. The kit will show what level is require to open it, so prior to reaching that level, click on it to see what's coming. Then, when you are of the required level, you will know if you are ready for it and have room in your inventory.
    • When you are at the minimum required level, you will be asked to move your city to a new map where the mines are a higher level and give more gold, but where the monsters are tougher. Move there to check it out, but be ready to MOVE BACK immediately if there is no net benefit. For example, monsters on the level 21-30 map are significantly tougher but the rewards for killing them are rarely any better than on the level 11-20 map. In such a case, you may want to stay on the 11-20 map until you are level 25 to 30 as it will cost you less in troops when exploring the map to get at treasure or to kill monsters for Daru (a currency used to upgrade troops).
    • One of the free items you get is a 2-hour trial of VIP features. The screen won't let you move past that without starting the trial, but you can still defer it until you are certain you have two uninterrupted hours to investigate it -- close the browser window. When next you log on, the special trial voucher will just sit in your inventory. Don't click it until you're ready to use it.
  • On your list of things to accumulate Devotion Points, look for things that you can quickly do whenever you want, such as speaking in World Chat or spinning the Guild Altar wheel. Defer those things to top up your points to reach a Devotion reward tier instead of accumulating points early. If, for example, you are at 85 points and won't have time to reach 95 before the server resets to a new day, then you might regret having done the Guild Altar and gotten a lousy item (each spin essentially costs you 20,000 gold -- 20 Guild Contribution points and you need to do 2 spins for the Devotion points).
  • While you are collecting Stamina at the Altar of Ennoblement, you can use the lower quick bar functions, such as Inventory, Blacksmith, Astrals, etc... -- Might as well do something useful unless you are away from the keyboard.