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Heroes of Might and Magic V - Dungeon Campaign - Raelag's Skills

Heroes of Might and Magic V - Dungeon Campaign - Raelag's Skills
Download Mod

This mod changes Raelag's starting skills from Basic Defense and Vitality to Basic Luck and Basic Sorcery.
  • To edit Raelag's skills: Unzip the file, edit the text file, and re-zip it.
  • To install: Change the "zip" extension to "h5m" and put in the Heroes V "Maps" directory. If there is no such directory yet, create one.

Heroes of Might and Magic V - Haven Campaign - Godric's Skills

Heroes of Might and Magic V - Haven Campaign - Godric's Skills
Download Mod

This mod changes Godric's starting skills from Recruitment to Expert trainer.
  • To edit Godric's skills: Unzip the file, edit the text file, and re-zip it.
  • To install: Change the "zip" extension to "h5m" and put in the Heroes V "Maps" directory. If there is no such directory yet, create one.

Heroes of Might and Magic V - Necropolis Campaign - Markal's Skills

Heroes of Might and Magic V - Necropolis Campaign - Markal's Skills
Download Mod

This mod changes Markal's skills from Basic Leadership and Diplomacy to Eternal Servitude and Mark of the Necromancer.
  • To edit Markal's skills: Unzip the file, edit the text file, and re-zip it.
  • To install: Change the "zip" extension to "h5m" and put in the Heroes V "Maps" directory. If there is no such directory yet, create one.

Heroes of Might and Magic V - Sylvan Campaign - Findan Skills

Heroes of Might and Magic V - Sylvan Campaign - Findan's Skills
Download Mod

This mod changes Findan's starting skills from Basic Attack and Tactics to Advanced Logistics, allowing Findan to eventually get the Ultimate Ranger skill.
  • To edit Findan's skills: Unzip the file, edit the text file, and re-zip it.
  • To install: Change the "zip" extension to "h5m" and put in the Heroes V "Maps" directory. If there is no such directory yet, create one.

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Titan Quest Art Files - ARC Explorer and TEX Viewer

ARC Explorer and TEX Viewer
(Direct download links coming soon: ARC Explorer and TEX Viewer)
Another way to explore the art of Titan Quest is to look at the guts of its resources. Using ARC Explorer, you can look at the .arc archive files that comprise the data used by the game. You will find the graphic files in TEX format, so you will probably want to get the TEX Explorer, which also allows you to save them in another more common format, such as JPEG.

While having an overview of the art may sound like an awesome idea, you don't really get the full effect of the art unless you're seeing it worn or wielded by a character. You definitely get none of the special effects that come with an item (such as with the bow Sybaris, which looks like a centipede, complete with writhing legs).
For writers and roleplayers, this is one way to gather an archive of art that you can use for written or verbal descriptions if you don't need to present an actual picture. For example, you could collect all the sword models and distribute them across your fictional world so that each nation or geographic region in your world has their own favoured blade design. A sword is the no longer "just a sword", but comes with a cultural context that can only enrich the world you have imagined.

GQ Sanctuary Doors 0.1b

Download GQ Sanctuary Doors for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
v0.1b (Priority +0) (

This mod changes all Sanctuary Door (and class-attack-required objects) requirements to level 0. It is meant for solo play and/or multi-class play.

Titan Quest Itemus Map v1.4

Itemus - Garden of the Sets sample

Titan Quest Itemus Map
(Direct Download Link coming soon)
Itemus is a custom map that lets you quickly browse the best gear in the game. All Set and Unique items are somewhere to be found on the map.
Because of the vast number of items on the map, you may want to turn off the sound in-game to reduce the amount of processing your computer will have to do to load the fields of items. Even so, you may still find the game freezing up briefly while your hard drive frantically works to collect and prepare data. In fact, you may occasionally see something like this, which just means your character has run into an area before it has fully loaded and drawn on-screen:

Itemus - Area Not Fully Loaded_small

Custom quest: ITEMUS v1.4
by Kreeloo and SuePitt


- Download Itemus_v1.4__EN.rar and :
- Now, create the folder named "CustomMaps" in "My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\”
- Unpack the mod inside that folder - the structure must be like this :

|-My Documents
....|-My Games
........|-Titan Quest - Immortal Throne
................|-Itemus map_fullres.jpg


ITEMUS is a custom items map where you can find:

- all the unique items of classic Titan Quest and Immortal Throne.
This includes the bonus sets (like "Santa's garb") and the commercial sets.
- the rare weapons as found in the editor (no random stats)
- all the relics and charms ready to be combined.
- all the scrolls, parchments and formulaes
- all the artifacts (for reference only as they have no random bonuses)
- inventory bags and dyes
- 3 merchants, a mystic and an enchanter are included for your convenience
- targets or dummies to test your equipment
- some monsters to test some more...
- a PvP arena to test even more !
IMPORTANT : Worldmap refresh : The Itemus portals display will temporarily override the vanilla TQ portals display - that is not a bug. Just restart your game and your main quest portals will be restored.


The only purpose of this map is to stop farming forever. When we'd got our fifth same item of an attractive
set, we had two solutions : farm through the bosses and levels or find a way to exchange our stuff offline.

As we use an external muling software (TQVAULT), we'd decided to create a reference level to exchange
our similar dropped items and complete our collection (making huge mountains of powerful items is a
great hobby...)

So use this map wisely to recycle your items with new ones of the same level or another piece of your
uncomplete set (if you've got six "Yangs" or "Obsidan Crescents" for example)

3] - HOW TO ?

1) import your main quest character to the CUSTOM QUEST
2) launch our level (Itemus 1.4 ~
3) drop the item you want to exchange and grab a new one.
4) exit the map and the game
5) use "SoulSeekkor's TQ Defiler" to convert your custom quest character to a main quest character (Menu > Character > Copy to Main Quest)
6) use TQVault to drop the item from the new main quest character to your real main quest character inventory
7) That's it ! Your character has a new item !

4] - IS IT A CHEAT ?

It's up to you. For us (Kreeloo & SuePitt), it's not. We had and will have a lot of fun while playing Titan Quest.
It's a great game although it demands a lot of farming time (less than Diablo 2 in fact !).
Save some useful time and use this map at your own risk !


We need to thanks all the teams of IRONLORE and THQ for such an addictive game. And particularly all the members of IRONLORE for their so meticulous work on this game.
Sometimes the editor tool had been a really annoying creature in our hands. Especially with these capricious portals...
In spite of that it was an exciting experience to create our first map. We've tried to produce an appealing and
detailed map with the harmonious atmospheres that make one of the delight of TQ.
We hope you'll enjoy our work !!!
SuePitt and me (Kreeloo) are french and you can send us some feedback to : kreeloo for any question or
anything else (in english or french). Thanks !


- v1.1 : missing formulaes have been added in the formulaes room.
- v1.2 : some duplicated items have been corrected and some missing items have been added. Great thanks to 'Seeya' from TQIT Vault (IGN).
- v1.3 : Utehmon (the Promethean Order guard) dialog display fixed. The misplaced wall has been deleted. You can now gather a few informations from some characters.
- v1.4 : addition of a PvP arena. Addition of 5 navigation portals ( N.B : you must activate them by exploring the map). Now the inventory bags look like... inventory bags ;-).


At the "Damp cave" entrance (near the Garden of the Sets) :
* sometimes the player character jumps over the entrance while passing through it - the cave is still accessible.
* after rebuilding the map the entrance produces a graphical bug (may be a portal issue)

As we've used many atmospheres and tilesets (egypt, greece, elysium, minoan maze/palace, etc) the need of memory is a bit higher than usual. We have produced, tested and played our map on:

1GHz - 512Mo RAM - ATI 9500
1,5GHz - 512Mo RAM - ATI X600 mobility
2,2GHz Core 2 Duo - 2Go RAM - ATI HD4850 - TFT 24" (1920x1200) (Far much funnier !)
And it works quite well!
Have fun !

Titan Quest Unofficial Patch v1.17

Titan Quest Unofficial Patch

Now that Iron Lore is no longer supporting Titan Quest, no patches can be expected. The Unofficial Patch fixes numerous minor bugs, as well as some major ones such as some of the extreme slowdowns in certain places in the game.

Direct download link. Full documentation.

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About the ARCHIVES

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to start archiving some of the older game cheats and mods here, as often some sites just disappear. Where possible I will indicate the original site, and have files available through Ziddu -- Ziddu hosts files up to 200 MB for free and can accomodate pictures, video, and music.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dungeon Siege II: Broken World Mod - GQ Gear - June 12th/2009

Download GQ_Gear for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
Mod Priority User+2 (

June 12th/2009
  • Added Crossover Content (F&K society) items to Arenas (Remember: When final round clear, store changes to pet store) and BW Travelling Merchant
  • Corrected Hak'u Obsidian Sword enchantability

June 6th/2009
  • Set Corrupted Staff and Korven Skull Trophy Staff to Combat Magic Weapons.
  • Removed Vaikesh Claw left/right distinction -- WARNING - existing weapons will disappear
  • Further reduced base weapon damage on Hira Shuriken
  • Added +1 to Dual Wield skill suite for Claw weapons but increased equip requirement by melee +1 -- to represent specialized weapons that are meant for dual wielding.
    • More properly done by making it a set, but Sets use their own file and is not modular -- adding a set means any other set additions must go in the same mod.
  • Re-did BW shops
    • Now Dryad Outpost = Eirulan, BW Aman'lu = DS2 Aman'lu, Dwarf Town = Kalrathia, minus Morden, Snowbrook, and Windstone gear.
    • Travelling Salesman = Morden, Snowbrook, Windstone, and racial gear (Hak'u, Vai'kesh, etcetera) plus random.
    • Moved all BW crafted items to Travelling Salesman.

  • GQ_Gear aims to give players a pervasive and significantly different gameplay experience where items are concerned.
    • Item availability is changed a lot
    • Crafting your own magical item is now meant to be a significant part of gameplay, and very powerful items can be crafted, if you have enough money.
      • Stores are meant for spending a lot of cash customizing an item.
      • Random treasure is therefore distinct from stores, in that they now provide ready-made but random items, and unique or set items.
    • Random items are now hard to come by as stores will only have a few. The rest are enchantable items, and the original skrit-inserted Rares.
    • Reagents are now easier to come by, and by Act III, players will reliably have access to all of them.
    • Item levels distributed differently and (hopefully) more broadly so that at all levels, you can generally have enchantables and by level 25 you can have 4x4 grid enchantables
    • General Notes
      • Store does not check for fullness when items are added or taken away. This saves processing time when the store has many items.
      • Level limits taken off: All difficulty levels use the same code for store content.
      • Templates may have items under the wrong tab headings. This was occasionally done for convenience. The game engine will sort them properly in-game.
      • Distribution of items among the four store types is meant to isolate different types of items
    • Weapon Store
      • Sells skrit-inserted Rares (unchanged from original)
      • Sells town-theme enchantable weapons
      • Sells town-theme enchantable gloves
      • Sells town-theme reagents - fixed set, always available
      • Sells Blood Assassin spells
    • Armour Store
      • Sells skrit-inserted Rares (unchanged from original)
      • Sells town-theme enchantable body armour
      • Sells Fist of Stone spells
    • Magic Stores
      • Sells skrit-inserted Rares (unchanged from original)
      • Sells enchantable miscellaneous items
      • Sells town-theme enchantable helms and boots
      • Sells town-theme enchantable mage weapons and mage armour
      • Sells spells by town theme -- Over the three towns, all spells should be covered
      • 1 Set item and 1 Unique item -- Be careful as this can ruin your game!
      • Special utility items
        • Eirulan
          • Voice of the Dead - provides a continuous Chant of the Dead effect
          • Ring of the Watcher - provides a continuous Invunerability effect - good for taking screenshots, or for soloing while leaving a party behind
    • Reagent Stores
      • Starting Town Reagent Store always sells some basic gear for skill level 0, as well as a basic set of spells
      • Completely random items with no level cap, and which can include potions and spell scrolls
      • Crafted Items (the custom-made rare items inserted into the store by skrit)
        • There is now no differentiation by game difficulty. In all levels, all crafted items are inserted into the store.
        • Placing it here increases cost as Reagent Stores have a higher cost index than other stores.
    • Town Themes
      • Eirulan
        • Wooden/foresty items
        • Ranger items
        • Nature magic, Summoning magic
        • Basic mercenary armor (salvaged from prisoners)
        • Organic reagents
        • Random reagents levels 0-20
      • Aman'lu
        • Elven weapons
        • Combat magic
        • Crafted reagents
        • Random reagents levels 41-50
      • Kalrathia
        • Heavy armor and weapons
        • Morden weapons
        • Mineral reagents
        • Random reagents levels 51-100
      • (BW) Dryad Outpost - Eirulan items except Crafted
      • (BW) Travelling Merchant
        • All crafted components
        • All racial items such as Morden, Hak'u and Vai'kesh items
        • Random items
      • (BW) Elf Town (General Merchant only) - Aman'lu items except Crafted
      • (BW) Dwarf Town - Kalrathia items except Morden and Crafted
    • New "Wand" template, based on Clubs - analogous to Mage Staves versus Fighter Staves
    • New "Spear" template, based on Throwing weapons - slower, but more damage
    • Voice of the Dead - ring that gives a continuous Chant of the Dead effect
    • Invulnerability Ring - ring that gives continuous invulnerability - for playtesting and taking screenshots
    • Added to Eirulan and Dryad Outpost (BW)
    • Damage Range
      • Almost all weapons had a damage range of 75% to 125% of the basic calculated amount. This has been changed:
        • 25%-175% axes, staves, bows, crossbows
        • 50%-150% daggers, swords, thrown
        • 75%-125% cesti, clubs, hammers, maces
    • Item Level
      • Weapons, Armor, and Miscellaneous Items now follow this scheme:
        • Base level is essentially arbitary. Generally starts at 3.0 and each improvement level is +2 for the original items, +1 for slight variants
          • Note that the basic level requirement is (item level - 2.0);
          • Progression:
            • Base Lx1 + 0
            • var1 Lx2 + 5
            • var2 Lx3 + 10
            • var3 Lx4 + 15
            • var4 Lx5 + 20
        • Armour of a set (helm, body armor, gloves, boots) all have the same level
        • Generally capped base level at 16 so that var4 is capped at level 100
          • This also means that generating no-enchantment items of level 17+ always returns an enchantable item (base items are not enchantable)
          • Few items start less than level 3, which has level 11 for var1, so generating no-enchantment level 11+ items will very likely get all-enchantables as well
        • Amulets, Rings, Spellbooks
          • Only the most basic item is important for item level, since for purposes of user-created items, there are no item attributes to influence in an amulet, spellbook, or ring, unlike, say, a sword, which has damage linked to item level
          • Base-level Amulets are level 5, Rings level 4
          • Base-level spellbooks are level 0, but considered 6 when calculating var1 to var4 levels
          • All amulets, rings, and spellbooks are set so that the highest var4 item is level 100+
      • This global change also fixes the Vindicator Body Armour [var3] item_level, which was set to 8.0
      • Several items had their power levels changed relative to each other (e.g. Twilight Armor made more powerful than Watcher Armor); unique items were completely left alone
      • Multiclass items (Fist of Stone, Blood Assassin) originally had pre-calculated level requirements
        • Now changed to (weapon skill x 0.6) and (magic skill x 0.4)
    • Mage Melee Weapons
      • Melee XP goes to either Nature Magic or Combat Magic, instead of Melee
      • Magic regeneration rate increased by 50% per item level for 1-handed weapons, 200% for 2-handed weapons; not considered a magical effect, but an innate power of the item
    • Multiclass weapons
      • Some weapons now are now multiclass Fist of Stone or Blood Assassin weapons.
      • The engine does not seem to allow [(A & B) OR (C & D)] equipment requirements, so a pure-class option was not possible.
    • Names -- Some items had cosmetic name changes
    • Reagents
      • The standard reagents have their values changed to align with the new reagents
      • New Reagents
        • Meant to allow building a magic item from very basic elements
        • The basic components are all 1x1 reagents.
        • Some larger reagents are available from using the standard reagents.4 should be able to approximate any one of the pcontent item modifiers
        • Where pcontent modifier abilities did not easily adapt to levelling, they were made available with 2x2 sized reagents
    • Spells
      • Transmute now always has 100% efficiency.
  • CHANGES TO pcontent.gas
    • of Granite --.bonus changed to +27/+18 because it is currently using the ofObsidian bonus
    • Mythril --.bonus changed to 15% to match description
    • Increase Healing Effectiveness
      • changed object_type to gloves, amulets, and spellbooks (was melee)
      • changed skill_types to fighter, nmage (was fighter, mage)
        • left fighter type for Fists of Stone
    • Increase Ice (spell) Damage -- changed skill_type to nmage (was mage) since Ice is a Nature Mage element
    • Increase Death, Fire, Lightning (spell) Damage -- changed skill_type to cmage (was mage) since these are Combat Mage elements
    • of the Basilisk, of the Gorgon
      • swapped item levels, mirroring it with the Freeze on Hit effects
      • Presumably Melee on Hit has lower level requirements than Ranged on Hit because of the greater risk involved in being in melee (?)
  • CHANGES TO pcontent.skrit
    • Cost of Enchanting now always uses the full number of reagents. No longer makes it cheaper to use 4 or less reagents.
    • Cost of final item no longer takes into account the number of reagents used, since this has no bearing on the utility of the crafted item.
    • Using ist_mage, ist_cmage, or ist_nmage always has a chance to give spells, amulets, spellbooks, or rings

Dungeon Siege II: Broken World Mod - GQ Races for Cat Mansion BW June 12th/2009

Download GQ Races for Cat Mansion for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
Mod Priority User+3

June 12th/2009
  • Corrected Celeb'hel bonus Active Skills.

  • Made the variant starting gear an OPTIONAL component. To use it, copy the file "GQ Races Variant Starting Gear.ds2res" into the resource folder.
  • Corrected oversight that had characters putting on the multiclassing amulets automatically.

  • Corrected Deru/Lothar starting equipment FLICK file
  • Removed bonus skill points for Deru and Taar
  • Took out starting Active Skill selection since it was giving skills the characters might not begin with under this mod
  • XP bonus for fighting enemies of a higher level increased from L^2 to L^4

  • Installation:
    • (a) Put "GQ Races for Cat Mansion BW.ds2res" in DS2 Resources. It should already have a higher priority than the Cat Mansion files.
    • (b) Decide if you are going to use regular class pre-determined companions, or Uber-level 0 companions who auto-level only when they gain some XP
      • After a character gets some XP, they can be auto-levelled - disband to the Inn and re-add them
      • To do multiclassing, have the target equip the multiclassing amulet that is given to every companion
    • (c) Install male companions (there are no CatBoy models)
      • "GQ Cat Mansion NPC - Regular Guys.ds2res" into DS2 Resources
      • "GQ Cat Mansion NPC - Reg Guys zero.ds2res" into DS2 Resources for Uber level 0 males
    • (d) Choose one of the files for the female NPCs and put it in DS2 Resources:
      • "GQ Cat Mansion NPC - Catgirls.ds2res" - for Cat Mansion female NPC models
      • "GQ Cat Mansion NPC - Regular Girls.ds2res" - for regular female NPC models
      • "GQ Cat Mansion NPC - Catgirls zero.ds2res" - for Cat Mansion female NPC models; they start at Uber level 0
      • "GQ Cat Mansion NPC - Reg Girls zero.ds2res" - for regular female NPC models; they start at Uber level 0
  • Changes to Racial Characteristics
    • Class-specific changes are minimized.
    • Attribute changes are given very little weight (since, for example, it takes 5 points of Strength to translate into 1 point of melee damage)
    • Hopefully classes are more clearly distinguished from each other.
    • Each advantage/drawback is rated not only by overall usefulness by its relevance to Melee (M), Ranged (R), Nature Magic (N), and Combat Magic (C), both in specializing in those areas as well as facing attackers using those skills. Other (O) areas capture everything else.
    • No attempt was made to balance all the classes, only to flavour them
    • Where Passive skills were given, an Enchantment was used instead of giving skill points
    • This way, the bonus can take the character over the normal development limit of 20
  • Races
    • Human
      • Burning Ambition - +20% Power Recovery
      • Surprising Potential - 3 Unused Skill Points
      • Maximum Buffs +1 (default 2)
      • Lucky - +10% Magic Find
    • Dryad
      • Adroit - +5% Dodge
      • Bond with Nature - +10% Death Magic Resistance, Soul of Strength 1, Soul of Protection 1
      • Racial Specialty - Biting Arrow +1, Fast Draw +1
      • Wilderness Lore - Natural Bond +1, Survival +1
    • Elf
      • Graceful - +3% Attack Speed (Melee, Ranged)
      • Learned - +5% Spell Casting Speed
      • Limited Precognition - +3% Critical Hit (Melee, Ranged)
      • Strong Affinity for Magic - +10% Mana Regeneration
      • Graceful / Racial Specialty - Dual Wield +1
    • Half-Giant
      • Big - +5% Health
      • Big - +5% Health Recovery
      • Big - 50% Resistance to Freeze, Immobilize, Knockback, and Stun
      • Big - Overbear level +1
      • Big Weapons - +5% Damage
      • Slower Reflexes - -3% Attack Speed (Melee, Ranged)
    • Dwarf
      • Short - +5% Dodge Melee and Ranged Attacks
      • Tough - +5% Health Recovery
      • Small Weapons - -5% Weapon Damage
      • Magic Resistant - +50% Curse Resistance
      • Magic Resistant - +10% Elemental Resistance
      • Magic Resistant - -10% Mana Regeneration
      • Maximum Debuffs - 2 (defaults 1)
    • CatHuman
      • Burning Ambition - +20% Power Recovery
      • Surprising Potential - 3 Unused Skill Points
      • Lucky - +10% Magic Find
      • Maximum Buffs +1 (default 2)
      • Small and Hard to Hit - +5% Dodge
      • Small Build - -5% Health (implemented in rules.skrit)
      • Small Weapons - -5% Weapon Damage
      • Small - 50% Vulnerability to Stun and Knockback
      • Precocious and Talented - 3 Skill Points
    • CatDryad
      • Adroit - +5% Dodge
      • Bond with Nature - +10% Death Magic Resistance, Soul of Strength 1, Soul of Protection 1
      • Racial Specialty - Biting Arrow +1, Fast Draw +1
      • Wilderness Lore - Natural Bond +1, Survival +1
      • Small and Hard to Hit - +5% Dodge (total +10%)
      • Small Build - -5% Health (implemented in rules.skrit)
      • Small Weapons - -5% Weapon Damage
      • Small - 50% Vulnerability to Stun and Knockback
      • Precocious and Talented - 3 Skill Points
    • CatElf
      • Graceful - +3% Attack Speed (Melee, Ranged)
      • Learned - +5% Spell Casting Speed
      • Limited Precognition - +3% Critical Hit (Melee, Ranged)
      • Strong Affinity for Magic - +10% Mana Regeneration
      • 0 Graceful / Racial Specialty - Dual Wield +1
      • Small and Hard to Hit - +5% Dodge
      •  Small Build - -5% Health (implemented in rules.skrit)
      • Small Weapons - -5% Weapon Damage
      • Small - 50% Vulnerability to Stun and Knockback
      • Precocious and Talented - 3 Skill Points
  • (2) Companions
    • Companions had pre-allocated powers removed and combat skills set to basic levels.
    • The NPC-levelling script now triggers when an NPC is 3+ levels behind the main PC (instead of 20+).
    • Lothar changed to a pure Combat Mage and gear changed accordingly
    • Deru changed to a pure Archer, with no levels in Nature
    • Yoren and Ressa now have permanent multi-classing enchantments that split XP as if they always have active a multiclassing spell. They are set to level 1 for auto-levelling.
    • Some NPCs now have powers beyond race and class. This is to compensate for their later appearance in the story and missing out on free skill points -- work in progress
    • Deru - Energizer Bunny
      • Deru is an unflagging optimist with the energy to match.
      • +25% Health Regeneration
    • Lothar - Craftsman
      • Lothar has an uncanny understanding of how things work and can make, build, or forge almost anything.
      • +50% Magic Find
    • Taar - Beast Friend
      • Taar's strong empathy inspires the creatures she summons.
      • Summon Alacrity 6
    • Vix - Bitter Survivor
      • Vix has lost some of his humanity in the war, and in its place is a practical, ruthless, callousness.
      • Shred Blood level 3
    • Sartan - Swashbuckler
      • Sartan fights in a flamboyant style that often seems more about showing off his skills and physique than about getting the fight over with. It's all about impressing the ladies.
      • Weapon Attack Speed +5%, Armour -10%
    • Finala - Perfectionist
      • Though slower than her peers, Finala's spellcasting is flawless and her disciplined command of magic lends her spells great power.
      • -5% Spell Casting Speed (negates Elven bonus), +10% Nature and Combat Magic Damage, +5% Healing with Healing Spells
    • Amren - Seer
      • Amren's precognition is stronger than that of most elves.
      • +50% Damage on Critical Hits
    • Eva - Fortune Favours the Bold
      • As charismatic ruler and proven army commander, she can rally allies with an inspiring cry or send enemies fleeing before her charge
      • Invulnerability 1, War Cry 1
    • Celeb'hel - Elven Elder, Paragon, Archmage
      • Celeb'hel has a broad array of skills gathered from a lifetime of experience; and a knowledge of epic magics dating back to ancient times.
      • Level 1 in all Nature Magic and Combat Magic active skills. Level 1 in Dual Wield and Bow active skills.
      • XP is divided over all four areas of mastery, but focussing on Combat Magic. Attributes are those of a pure mage.
      • Old Age: -5 Strength, -5 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence.
    • Yoren -- Nothing yet
    • Ressa - Trained in the Dark Arts
      • Ressa is knowledgeable in the dark arts of binding the souls of the dead
      • Harvest Soul 1
  • (4) Experimental - Characters have different starting gear.
    • New PCs have the basic Fist of Stone and Blood Assassin spells in the Reserve slots of the spell book.
    • Experienced NPCs start with item sets instead of the usual potions and magic items. To use this, install the mod "GQ Races Variant Starting Gear.ds2res" in the Resource folder. In this version, Eva has no gear as she begins the game captured by the enemy.
  • (5) XP and Damage Scaling
    • This module changes XP scaling to:
      • Further cut down on XP farming by killing weak monsters.
      • Reward players for taking down challenging monsters.
    • Orignal XP scaling:
      • If monster level +/- 4, 100% XP
      • For each level difference greater or less than 4, -20% XP, minimum 5% or 1 XP
    • New scaling:
      • If monster level = attacker level, 100% XP
      • If monster level > attacker level, +(L x L)% where L is the level difference
      • If monster level < attacker level, -(L x L x L)% where L is the level difference .E.g., Attacking a monster 5 levels higher therefore is worth +25% XP .E.g., Attacking a monster 4 levels lower is worth -64%, or 36% XP.
      • 0 XP minimum.
    • This module changes the XP progression to level 300 for compatibility with Cat Mansion. .After the first few levels, XP requirement is strictly x2 over 5 levels, until level 120. .This fact was used when precalculating NPC stats.
    • Damage Scaling mirrors XP scaling but less aggressive
      • Original:
        • If attacker level is equal or higher than victim, no change
        • If attacker level is up to +4 levels lower, no change .If attacker level is 4-5 levels lower, -25%
        • If attacker level is 6-8 levels lower, 50%
        • If attacker level is 9+ levels lower, -25%
      • New
        • If attacker level is higher, +(LxL)%, no maximum .If attacker level is lower, -(LxL)%, minimum 0% (7) To help multiclassing, instead of the Uber level for damage and XP adjustment, we use whichever skill level is highest

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Battlefield 2142

2142 battlefield 

Battlefield 2142

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Digital Illusions CE (DICE)
  • Release Date: October 17, 2006
  • Genre: Shooter

About This Game

The year is 2142, and the dawn of a new ice age has thrown the world into a panic. The math is simple and brutal: The soil not covered by ice can only feed a fraction of the Earth's population. Some will live, most will die. Players will choose to fight for one of two military superpowers in an epic battle for survival, the European Union or the newly formed Pan Asian Coalition. Armed with a devastating arsenal of hi-tech assault rifles, cloaking devices and sentry guns, players will also do battle using some of the most imposing vehicles known to man. Massive battle Mechs wage fierce combat on the ground, while futuristic aircraft rule the skies. When facing one of these new behemoths, players will need to use their wits and an arsenal of new countermeasures like EMP grenades to level the playing field.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP with latest service pack installed
  • DirectX 9.0c February 2006 edition (included)
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 1.7 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video Card: 128MB DirectX compliant video card, Pixel shader 2.0 and above. (AGP and PCIe only)
  • Sound Card - DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Hard Drive space: 2.2GB of space is required to install the game
  • Internet connection: 128kbit Cable/DSL connection

Download Battlefield 2142

From MediaFire

From Wupload

From Easy-Share

From FileServe

From FileJungle

From FileSonic

From Uploadstation

Aura 2 : The sacred Rings

Aura 2  The sacred Rings
Aura 2 : The sacred Rings
  • Publisher: The Adventure Company
  • Developer: Streko-Graphics
  • Release Date: March 7, 2007
  • Genre: Adventure

About This Game
Since ancient times, a clan of Keepers has guarded a collection of sacred rings that, when united with several hidden artifacts, grant the holder infinite power and immortality. When a rival clan, led by Durad, makes known their intention to obtain this power for an evil purpose, the Keepers send their prized student to uncover the artifacts and deliver them, along with the rings, to Grift, the Old Master. Umang's journey leads to the portal of a world unknown even to the powerful keepers. In this adventure game, the portal transports Umang to Manula Valley where h discovers that this world was once inhabited by the Keepers, hundreds of years ago, until it was taken from them by Durad and his clan. Umang's arrival in Manula Valley is just one more step in a plot manipulated by Durad to bring Umang and the rings one step closer to evil. He must now outwit Durad's powerful forces to complete his quest and return the sacred rings to his clan.
Aura 2 : The sacred Rings – MediaFiles

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cricket 2002

Cricket 2002

Cricket 2002
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Release Date: Europe Only
  • Genre: Sports

Minimum System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 3 @ 500 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Video Memory: 32 MB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 8.0
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • CD/DVD Rom Drive

Cricket 2002 – Mediafire Links

GQ Skills 0.5b

Download GQ_Skills for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World (
Mod Priority User+0

June 6th/2009
  • Corrected some duplicated Active Skill prerequisite lines.

  • Restored Gravity Stone to original stats -- otherwise might end up almost as good as Invulnerability, while being easier to get.

  • Changed Intelligence requirements back to skill requirements -- the game engine didn't recognize them.
  • Doubled Overbear bonuses - When using a two-handed weapon, you cannot use an off-hand item, and therefore lose all potential enchantments from that.

  • This mod changes how skills can be assigned. Before you activate this mod, visit a skill re-trainer to unassign your skill points first.
  • Skill Progression Changes
    • Passive Skills
      • Compacted skills and extended progression
        • original level 20 value now level 10
        • maximum skill level that can be purchased is now 10 (instead of 20)
      • Linearized all progressions
        • levels 1-10 linear at full rate - 10 is the new maximum amount characters are expected to buy, although they can buy as many as 20
        • levels 11-15 linear at 1/2 rate
        • levels 16-20 linear at 1/5 rate
        • levels 21-25 linear at 1/10 rate
        • levels 26-30 linear at 1/20 rate
    • Active Skills
      • Requirements halved, but added a uber-level requirement is now added
      • Uber level requirement = total skill points originally required x1, x1.5, and x2 for levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively
      • E.g., Brutal Attack 3 was Critical Strike 8; now it is Critical Strike 4 and Uber 16.
  • Skill Descriptions -- Changed some skill names, and some skill descriptions for more clarity as to what they do.
  • Skill Changes
    • Provoke
      • This defensive-only skill is designed to get the user in trouble. Bonuses have been greatly improved.
      • Improvements:
        • Changed +Armor% to Physical Damage Resistance %
        • Added equal % chance to Blocking % chance
    • Rebuke
      • Now it does not knock the target back.
      • To make up for the fact that a knocked back target had to move to re-engage, the stun duration has been extended very slightly.
    • Summon-related passive skills -- Now all skills available to both Nature Mages and Combat Mages. The engine does not seem to recognize an "OR", so used a combination of uber level and intelligence (requirement is 10 + level x 3).
    • Magic Skills that affect both Nature and Combat magic -- Like Summon skills, now available to both types of Mages. Active Powers are restricted by class.
    • Brilliance
      • No longer a prerequisite for Energy Orb. Combat Mages are advised to take Natural Bond instead, which is now made available by Intelligence.
      • Made available for all classes.
    • Quickened Casting -- Made available for all classes.
    • Eruption -- Activation delay reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.
    • Rune of Blood -- Activation delay reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second
    • Summon Provoke - Increased provoke radius and duration.
  • TO DO
    • Extend duration of assassin marks
    • Reduce size of assassin marks above target's head, or change them to floating skulls.

GQ Spells 1.3b

Download GQ spells for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
Mod Priority User+3 (

June 6th/2009
  • Changed healing spell descriptions to reflect increased durations.

  • Corrected bug on Blood Assassin spell that prevents it from being properly cast.

  • Added healing spell variants on level II, III, IV spells
    • Heal: Range -30%, heal amount x1.3^2, mana cost unchanged
    • Healing Rain: Lasts 25% longer, area 25% wider, cost 25% more
    • Nourish: Lasts 33% longer, no change in cost
    • Healing Cascade: haven't decided yet, no change yet

  • Removed FX from multiclass buffs.
  • Extended duration of all buffs and assassin Marks
  • Added Silence effect on Mana Strike and Mana Shot

This version is very changed from prior versions. Buggy special effects on attack spells have been removed.

  • For most spells (non-buffs or debuffs), intelligence limits removed. This means if a spell has no change in how it progresses from I to II to III to IV, then version I would be the same as version IV at any Intelligence score.
  • Buffs - Duration x60, additional x4 for multiclass buffs.
  • Call Lightning
    • I/II/III/IV affects 2/3/4/5 enemies with corresponding mana cost and radius increase
  • Embers -- Changed name from "Fire Shot" to "Minor Embers"
  • Fireball, Impale -- +1.0 to radius at II, III, and IV; Mana Cost increased by proportion^2
  • Fire Bolt, Grave Beam, Ice Bolt, Jolt
    • These are "basic attacks" and their mana cost is reduced by 1% per casting level, minimum 0.
  • Fire Spray -- 5/6/8/10 bolts at I/II/III/IV. Mana cost increased proportionately.
  • Grave Beam
    • No longer affects breakables
    • Removed bonus damage on Grave Beam I
  • Iceball -- +0.5 to radius at II, III, and IV; Mana Cost increased by proportion^2
  • Ice Bolt -- Removed Tutorial version damage penalty
  • Leech Life -- Life Drain % is 4/7/10/12
  • All Lightning Spells
    • II/III/IV have wider min/max damage variance by -.25/+.25 at each level, minimum 1%; average damage unchanged
  • Mana Strike, Mana Shot - Added Sience effect. Otherwise there is little point in taking them, especially Mana Shot (another Blood Assassin spell has added damage but with no mana drain per shot).
  • Marks - Extended duration using curse duration bonus from skills.
  • MultiClass Buffs - Removed the visible FX (stone fists and red skulls.
  • Multispark -- 3/4/6/9 bolts at I/II/III/IV
  • Plasma Globe
    • 3/6/12/24 Globes with proportional mana cost increase
    • At II/III/IV, fan angle increases by 50%
  • Ripple
    • Radius 3/4/6/9 with mana cost increased by proportion^2
    • Damage 100%/75%/50%/25%, mana cost reduced proportionately.
  • Skull Spray -- 3/4/5/6 skulls at I/II/III/IV with proportional mana increase
  • Soul Lance
    • Removed ability to affect breakables
    • Increased minimum damage with increase to mana based on 2x increase in average damage
  • Static Bolt -- Slow Duration 2/3/4/5 seconds at I/II/III/IV with proportional mana increase

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition

Trainz Simulator 2009 World Builder

Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition
  • Developer: Auran
  • Release Date: Q3 2009
  • Genre: Simulation

About This Game
The Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition contains everything you need to build or operate your own railroad and includes dozens of routes and hundreds of locomotives from around the world. You can drive steam diesel or electric locomotives using controls in the fully 3D cabs or use a simple speed controller for easier train management.
Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition - Mediafire Links

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: CD Projekt
  • Release Date: September 16, 2008
  • Genre: RPG

About This Game
Set in a world created by best-selling Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher combines spectacular action and an intriguing storyline. You are a Witcher, a warrior who has been trained to fight since childhood, subjected to mutations and trials that have transformed you. You earn a living killing monsters, and are a member of a brotherhood founded long ago to protect people from werewolves, the undead, and a host of other beasts. The game uses advanced graphics and physics systems for a high-powered blend of brutal action, complex RPG options and character configuration, and sweeping storytelling.
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition enhances the original game with improved graphics, retouched gameplay mechanics, speedier loading, and added dialog and character gestures. Also included are bonuses such as a MOD editor called D'jinni that allows players to create or modify their own adventures in the world of The Witcher, as well as two completely new adventures created by CD Projekt RED.
Minimum System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP (SP2)/Windows Vista
  • Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.4 GHz/AMD Athlon 2800
  • Memory: 1 GB (1.5 GB for Vista)
  • Video Memory: 128 MB w Pixel/Vertex Shader 2.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon 800)
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive
Recommended System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP (SP2)/Windows Vista
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.13 GHz/ AMD X2 5600+Memory: 2 GB
  • Video Memory: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX or ATI Radeon X1950 PRO
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - MediaFire Links

Monday, June 1, 2009

GQ DSLOA Sets 0.6b

Download Grail Quest's GQ_DSLOA_Sets.ds2res for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
v0.5b (Priority User +0) (

  • Corrected Deadly Cleave axe inventory size to 3x2 from 3x1

  • Adds Dungeon Siege and Legends of Aranna sets to DS2BW:
    • DS2 does not use tiered bonuses tied to each item, but rather tiered bonuses for the set as a whole.
    • In the conversion, bonuses for all items at each tier form the bonus for the tier. E.g., Arhok's Lot bonus for having any one item is +1 Armour, +5 Health, +1% Block Melee Attack, +1 Life per Hit
    • DS2 does not allow equipping both a melee and ranged weapon simultaneously, so some substitutions were made
  • Item level
    • DS uses a different scheme for equipment stats and requirements to equip. Instead of trying to back-convert to a DS2 version, item level is arbitrarily set at (attribute required - 8).
    • Standard DS2 equip requirement is item_level -2, so the final equip requirement is (DS attribute - 10).
    • If an item does not have any requirements, a value approximating that of the rest of the set will be used.
  • Uses inventory images from DSLOA, but not the models that are equipped on the character.
  • Known Issues
    • Non-Descript Names - e.g., "Sword"
    • The game appends "... from the XXX Set" in the object description. The item names are meant to go with that.
    • Cast on Hit and Cast on Attack effects do not appear to trigger or to trigger for an incorrect amount of damage.
      • April 22nd/2009 - moved these to base items
    • Equipping the Amulet or Ring from Adela's Demeanour causes the flames on the Staff to turn off.