Monday, July 6, 2009

Titan Quest Vault

Titan Quest Vault
(TQ Vault can be downloaded here (beta 2.3.1.x) or here (stable
Direct download of Item Collection for TQ Vault).

For outfitting your character, TQ Vault is a crucial resource as it lets you store items outside of the game in 'vault' files. Titan Quest has very little in-game storage, and you aren't really able to cache any significant number of items.

Once installed, TQ Vault adds a directory called 'TQVaultData', and it keeps files with the extension '.vault' there. These files can be shared (just copy them into the 'TQVaultData' directory), and the Community Vault Project posts extensive collections of Vault files to give you a jump-start. The Community Vault Project files include all Set and Unique items, normally the coolest-looking and hardest-to-find items in the game. You can download the latest version here: August 9th, 2009.

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