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Tiber Septim Brothel Walkthrough

Adult Adventure - Tiber Septim Brothel is a "mature-rated" mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, by ghsmithDallas. It's a tongue-in-cheek style fun mod, but the lack of Oblivion-style lead-you-by-the-nose clues and journal updates makes it challenging. Here are some helpful hints:

There is a HUGE amount of running around in this mod. You may want to get some sort of teleportation spell, either from LAME (Less Annoying Magic Experience); or the excellent SN Mark Recall mod which can mark over 40 locations, uses cheap spells that can be cast at low skill levels, and is somewhat configurable by an INI file.

You will need cash. Alchemy is a good way to raise cash that doesn't take up too much time as you will have to go into various taverns anyway.

  1. You should receive a journal update when you load a game with this mod active. Go to the Tiber Septim Hotel to meet your manager, Madam Barrows. Don't blow the 30,000 cash that you will be given.
  2. Madam Barrows asks you to hire three prostitutes. Stop at three and report back, to save some running around.
    1. Because the "prostitute career" dialogue option always ends in exiting dialogue, be careful when using it on non-prostitutes as you might break quest dialogues in Oblivion or other mods.
    2. None of the Middle-Class or Imperial City prostitutes will join yet.
    3. Locations of the prostitutes:
      1. Anvil
        1. Heidi - Mage's Guild
        2. Holly - The Count's Arms
        3. Pablo -Fighter's Guild
        4. Riker - The Count's Arms
      2. Bravil - Amber - Silverhome on the Water
      3. Bruma - Candy - Olav's Tap and Tack
      4. Cheydinhal
        1. Suzie - Cheydinhal Bridge Inn
        2. Vivian - Newlands Lodge
      5. Chorrol
        1. Geraldine - Castle Barracks
        2. Irma - Northern Goods and Trade
      6. Imperial City
        1. Gabrielle - Waterfront District, Waterfront Trading Company Office
        2. Jasmine - Market District, First Edition
        3. Xaviera - Prison District, The Bastion
      7. Leyawiin
        1. Kirstin - Best Goods and Guarantees
        2. Sasha - Chapel of Zenithar
      8. Skingrad
        1. Domenica - Colovian Traders
        2. Sera - Hammer and Tongs
        3. Vicki - Castle Skingrad, County Hall
    4. Holly and Sasha have pimps who will come after you in a public place. If you are worried about hitting bystanders, just keep blocking and occasionally heal yourself. They aren't meant to be deadly encounters, and the bystanders will eventually defeat them for you.
    5. Hiring Geraldine and Xaviera results in a bounty placed on you. To avoid paying it, you can raise the disposition of the nearest guards to 90+. Because they like you so much, they will remove the bounty on you as a favour (recall that they say "if you run into trouble, come find me"?). If you are having trouble getting a high disposition with them, try a Charm spell to raise their Disposition or alchemy to raise your Personality.
    6. The key prostitutes to get are Vicki, Geraldine, Candy, Sasha, Pablo.
  3. Madam Barrows will ask you to buy a brothel license and licenses for each prostitute on staff. If you can afford it, buy 14 licenses for prostitutes to save you a bit of running around later. (Total $8000!)
  4. Madam Barrows will suggest various administrative tasks. Buy everything you can afford. You may be penalized later if you don't.
  5. Madam Barrows will tell you to market the brothel to at least 15 inns and taverns.
    1. Eventually you will want to do as many as you can and hire along the way. For now, do 15 and report back to Madam Barrows to unlock the next task. You'll run around more later, so you can do the rest afterwards en route.
    2. If a proposition results in the topic "maybe later", then the prostitute is hireable but you need to do more marketing to get more clientele first. If you don't advance in the dialogue at all (to "Offer Job" or "Maybe Later"), then she's not available for hire at all at this stage of the quest.
    3. You can now hire Middle-Class prostitutes. Hire them all.
    4. The following Inns do not offer a Bribe option: The All-Saints Inn, Border Watch Inn, and Imperial Bridge Inn. At the King and Queen in the Imperial City Elven Gardens, you will need to speak with Ley Marillin; his wife Pista does not have the Bribe option.
    5. Try to take note of what they say when you bribe them, as they essentially tell you what type of prostitute to hire.
  6. Madam Barrows offers marketing schemes. Buy everything you can as it increases your clientele, allowing you to hire more prostitutes.
  7. Madam Barrows will tell you to "recruit cities". You might as well do this while you are working on bribing more inns and taverns. To complete this task...
    1. Talk to any one man and any one woman in every city (not the small villages). You can take note of what they say, although it is probably too vague to be useful at this time.
    2. Go back to Madam Barrows. If you don't yet have the right prostitute mix, she'll suggest you ask beggars. If you noticed what the innkeepers told you when you bribed them, you might not even need their help.
    3. Whenever you have the right mix of prostitutes, you can skip all this running around and just report back to Madam Barrows. There will not be a journal entry or other notification telling you this.
    4. Complete your prostitute list by getting the Lower Class prostitutes Vicki, Geraldine, Candy, Sasha, Pablo; and getting all the Middle Class prostitutes as you can.
    5. Go back to Madam Barrows when your roster is complete. She should now say you have the perfect mix, and ask you to recruit the cities (again). Go to every city and gain talk to a man and a woman. They should all be happy with your brothel. Report back to Madam Barrows.
  8. Good News Bad News - Pablo
    1. You will have to help Pablo twice, once with Manly Mike (Anvil Docks) and then with Mandi (standing next to Manly Mike).
    2. Both solutions are the same: Getting a Red Velvet Outfit. This is NOT the same as a set of Red Velvet Garments and Red Velvet Pants, even though those are redder in appearance.
    3. Without mods, there are very few guaranteed instances of the outfit:
      1. Anvil, Mage's Guild, Living Quarters
      2. Bruma, Nord Winds
      3. Leyawiin, Rosentia Gallenus's House, 2nd Floor
      4. Imperial City, Talos District, Dorian's House, 2nd Floor
    4. You can give yourself an outfit via the console with "player.additem a498e 1"
    5. Pay attention to what Mandi says!
  9. Good News Bad News - Heidi
    1. Go back to Heidi in Anvil, Mage's Guild. She will say her husband Duncan is a "Guild member".
    2. Go to the Fighter's Guild and ask around. You will be directed to Aleswell.
    3. Go to Aleswell and talk to Duncan. He will want to meet back in the Anvil Fighter's Guild. If you don't want to wait, you can use the console:
      1. Click him to get his name and ID showing in the upper middle of your screen.
      2. Go to the Anvil Fighter's Guild and open the console again.
      3. His name and ID should still be displayed in the upper middle of your screen if you haven't clicked on anything else while in console mode.
      4. Type the command "moveto player". He should appear a short distance away. He may run for a second or so until his AI realizes he's already at his destination.
    4. Go back to Anvil and wait for him to get there. He wants a wife.
    5. Remember what Mandi said? She said exactly the same thing Manly Mike said, and then something else about wanting a Fighter's Guild member. So, talk to Mandi and lead her to the Fighter's Guild to hook them up.
      1. There is a chance she will not enter the guild hall with you at night when the doors are locked. You can still complete this quest as she doesn't need to speak with Duncan directly.
      2. If you enter the guildhall at night (and are not a Fighter's Guild member), the door will be locked from the inside.
  10. Serial Killer
    1. After being informed of this development, exit the Tiber Septim Hotel to find Sally dead in the plaza there, even though she was working the Market District before.
    2. Talk to the guard (or not). Take her black book from her body. Apparently "x" means she completed her appointment with them already. Jack Reaper is the obvious suspect since a modder would never dare kill off a vanilla Oblivion NPC that might be important in a vanilla Oblivion quest.
    3. The guards say no one local would kill her, so head out to the sites of the other killings - Anvil, Bruma, Cheydinhal.
      1. Because no locals would kill her, you don't really need to go through Sally's black book and talk to the Imperial City suspects.
      2. There are no dead bodies at the other cities. You can talk to any guard (even unique characters, as long as they have "guard powers" to arrest you). All the guards will refer to a killing and say it must have been a stranger.
      3. Since strangers to town would stay at an inn, that is your next stop.
    4. Ask innkeepers about strangers. Even if you have what sounds like a good lead, you must talk to all three innkeepers on this list in order to proceed. No one else will have a "strangers" dialogue option.
      1. Anvil - The Count's Arms
      2. Bruma - Jerall View Inn
      3. Cheydinhal - Cheydinhal Bridge Inn
    5. You get a lead that sends you to Leyawiin. Talk to a guard there about Jack Reaper to learn his history.
    6. Go back to the Merchant Inn to confront Jack. Jack tells you that you don't have proof and to instead find proof of his innocence. He then runs off to "complete his mission". Follow him so you'll know where to find him later -- On the bridge from the Market District to the Prison.
    7. By now you will have learnt that he frequents / talks to prostitutes. Go to the various cities to talk to prostitutes. Or, you can just talk to Vivian in the Cheydinhal Newlands Lodge. Vivian tells you about his "mission". Go back to apologize to Jack.
    8. Jack gives you a lead about Althea.
      1. Check it out by talking to a guard in the city in which it happened.
      2. Confront her in the Imperial City, Elven Gardens District, Luther Broad's Boarding House. Don't sell her skooma.
        1. If you have the other Adult Adventure mod, Sword and Scabbard, there will be another Althea in the Tiber Septim Hotel. She's not the correct one and won't have appropriate dialogue anyway.
  11. Specialty Prostitutes - Madam Barrows wants you to hire three Specialty prostitutes. They are the three in the Imperial City.
  12. Madam Barrows next wants you to market the specialty prostitutes at the King and Queen. This is just a straightforward bribe as before.
    1. It is possible that there was some mix-up with the taverns as the All-Saints is the only place in the Imperial City that doesn't give an option to bribe for marketing. Possibly it was meant that the King and Queen was reserved for marketing the specialty prostitutes at this stage.
  13. Drug Dealer - Madam Barrows is worried after a drug dealer in the Talos Plaza approached one of the prostitutes.
    1. Speak with Freddie in the Talos Plaza, The Foaming Flask. He'll want (one bottle of) skooma.
    2. If you sold Althea's skooma, there's no shortage of it nearby unless you've already looted Tamriel. Without mods, here are sources of skooma, with several in the Imperial City.
    3. Freddie directs you to his source in the Imperial City Waterfront, Bloated Float Tavern. Talk to Bethany Stone.
    4. Bethany Stone wants you to "rescue" her sister Diane from Prison. You just need to somehow unlock her cell and thereby get to speak with her.
      1. Facing the jailor, take the stairs of the right. The jailor will probably just sit at his desk, so even if he detected you as you walked down the stairs, if you stand still, you will go into hiding again. Pick the lock and go downstairs, then pick the lock to her cell.
    5. Talk to Diane, who then leaves Prison to meet you and her sister in the basement of the Tiber Septim Hote. She won't be there, and neither will her sister. Instead, go to the Bloated Float and report to Bethany.
    6. Bethany suggests a scheme that requires 50 bottles of fake skooma. You can order this from either Sinderion (Skingrad, West Weald Inn, basement) or Dagail (Leyawiin Mage's Guild).
      1. If Sinderion is working on an Elixir of Exploration for you (which requires 24 hours), he will immediately exit conversation with you, so you'll have to try Dagail.
      2. Even if you haven't finished the Leyawiin Recommendation and Dagail is still a nutjob, she will offer to make the fake skooma for you.
    7. Pick up the fake skooma when a day has passed. Go back to the Bloated Float to give it to Bethany, who says she will meet you with her sister at the Tiber Septim basement. She will appear there in about 24 hours.
  14. After speaking with Bethanyh and concluding the skooma dealers quest, report back to Madam Barrows. There are no more quests.

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