Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tips for Curse of the Opera

Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera is more or less straightforward, except for a couple of puzzles that you may find particularly challenging:

  1. Using the Shepherd's Crook to get the Freezer Key: Unlike most scenes of this type, you can't just click the crook anywhere in the shimmering area. Try placing the hook end of the crook under the key.
  2. Freezer panel: Below is a slideshow of a sample sequence that will flip all the squares blue. Look for the hand-shaped cursor -- it tells you which tile will be clicked next.
  3. The demon safe in the Count's Office: This is a tough puzzle involving some vaguely connected numers. The numerical codes are:
    1. Fire Demon - Code 0832 - Way back (check your journal), Vincent mentions that demon blood is 15 degrees colder. Later, you find a note that says human temperature is 98.2. 98.2 less 15 degrees is 83.2, so the code is 0832.
    2. Ice demon - Code 1117 - November 17th, the date on the letter in the drawer of the room with the music box. The letter mentions, "The devil himself cast a spell upon my heart, encasing it with ice, cold and unbreakable."
    3. Darkness Demon - Code 1026 - Outside the Opera House is a pillar with flyers. One of them mentions a radio station FM 102.6 playing "The Deepest Abyss".

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