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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mod - GQ Conveniences

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Requires OBSE

This is a merged file of some of my other mods. A few have been tweaked or improved from the standalone versions.
None of these items exist in-game to minimize mod conflict and to make installing/uninstalling easy (you can put it anywhere in your load queue and do not need to Wrye Bash it). To get the items and spells related to the functions in this mod, you will need to console them in with player.additem or player.addspell and using the FormID provided.

[Absorb Ambient Magicka]
xx00FF49 Absorb Ambient Magicka lesser power

With this Lesser Power, characters recover magicka based on their Spell Absorption rating (through the birthsign or items) and reduced by their Resist Magicka rating.
The rate is 1 magicka per (100/Spell Absorption) seconds. At 50 Spell Absorption, this is 1 magicka per 2 seconds. If the character has a 0 Spell Absorption rating, no magicka is recovered.
This rate is divided by (100 - Resist Magicka)/100. At a Resist Magicka rating of 100+, no magicka is recovered.
Each casting of this power lasts 2880 seconds (1 day at the default timescale of x30) and refreshes its information about spell absorption and magicka resistance each time 1 magicka is recovered by the player. If at any time it calculates that no magicka would be recovered, the spell ends immediately.
This spell is meant for Atronachs, but can be used by anyone. In Morrowind, Magicka is recovered by sleeping, but it recovers continuously in Oblivion. The Stunted Magicka drawback in Oblivion is therefore much more of a drawback than it was before.

xx0046B9 AutoUnlock key

This key unlocks any locked door or container that does not require a key (i.e., Lock Level 99 or less). The lockpicking minigame is unchanged.
To unlock something, first hotkey the key. Look at a locked item and activate the hotkey to use the key. Your UI will probably not update immediately and may require you to move the mouse a bit, but the container or door will be unlocked.
Using the key does not count as a criminal action and you will not get a bounty.
The key is a Quest Item and is hidden while you are in Jail, but if you have it hotkeyed, it will still be usable.
You will receive XP as if you had perfectly set the required number of tumblers (e.g., exactly 2 successful attempts on an Easy lock, which requires setting 2 tumblers).

[Change Soul Gem Size]
xx0046BE Downgrade Soul Gem key
xx004680 Upgrade Soul Gem key

These keys let the player change the size of soul gems. Any souls contained are lost. Non-vanilla Oblivion soulgems can be upgraded, but only into vanilla soulgems.
The basic ratio is 3:1. Not having high enough Alteration and Mysticism skills can increase the number of soulgems required to upgrade (as much as 4 -> 1), or decrease the number of soulgems returned from a downgrade (as low as 1 -> 2). If neither skill is at a sufficient level, you will be unable to perform the change.

To upgrade or downgrade a soul gem, drop it. While having the crosshair pointed at it, equip one of the keys. If you dropped a stack, the size of the stack will not matter: If downgrading, only one will be affected; if upgrading, it still takes only exactly enough to give you one gem of the next level up.

KNOWN ISSUE: Sometimes the soul gem you looked at won't be the actual one processed. This is dependent on how Oblivion steps through your inventory looking for items.
KNOWN ISSUE: If there are other soul gems nearby, there is a chance Oblivion will run the script on them as well. There's no telling what will happen in such a case.

[Create Tools]
xx0046B4 Create Lockpick
xx0046B3 Create Repair Hammer

These Alteration spells create either a Lockpick or a Repair Hammer.
The base chance of successfully creating one is equal to your Security skill (for making lockpicks) or your Armorer skill (for making Repair Hammers), minimum 5%. If you fail, the spell will drain more magicka and auto-attempt instantly without requiring you to recast the spell. Each retry has an increased chance of success.

[Get Nearby Loot (line of sight)]
xx0046BD Get Nearby Loot key

This key lets you grab everything in line of sight up to about 1500% activation distance. It bypasses scripts that run when you pick up items or open containers, and so it can potentially break quests (although you can try to drop the item and manually pick it up again).
It collects all inventory items in containers, in dead bodies, and sitting around in the game world within a certain distance.
It WILL steal...
at close range (150% activation distance)
if the player is in Sneak mode
It will not take from locked containers.

KNOWN ISSUE - The item must be in "line of sight" according to Oblivion's calculation (using the GetLOS function). That is, you may sometimes see something on-screen, but if it is not mathematically in line of sight, it will not be affected.
KNOWN ISSUE - It can grab items from a body that is normally flagged or scripted to make it impossible to open (e.g., the body of the Emperor).

[Magicka From Soul Gem]
xx0046A3 Get Magicka from Soul Gem key

This key empties a soul gem and converts the soul inside into units of an Ingredient. To use, Hotkey the key. Drop a soul gem to be converted. Look at the soul gem and activate the key via the hotkey.
The amount of "Distilled Magicka" ingredient received varies according to the Magicka values for each soul level (may vary with a mod), Mysticism skill, and Luck.
Each time a soulgem is emptied, Mysticism skill is increased by 1-5 uses, depending on the soul level emptied.
Works on stacks of gems.
If used on a non-vanilla Oblivion soulgem that is pre-filled, it will be replaced by a non-black vanilla soulgem with the same maximum soul capacity

The ingredient obtained from this mod has these properties: (changed from original mod)
Fortify Magicka Multiplier
Restore Magicka
Fortify Magicka
Spell Absorption
Without mods, nothing in Oblivion or the official expansions uses the Fortify Magicka Multiplier. You can either ingest this ingredient (for a few seconds of a percentile increase to Magicka) or use Master-level Alchemy to make a 1-ingredient potion. Because of the hardcoding of this Magic Effect, everyone typically starts with a rating of 0, but a net multiplier strength of 10 or less has no effect. Above 10, every 1 unit is +10% of your Maximum Magicka.

KNOWN ISSUE - If there is more than one soulgem near the one you are looking at, more than one gem might be grabbed by the script although only one is processed properly.
KNOWN ISSUE - Clearing a pre-filled gem also clears a "stolen" attribute -- We destroy one pre-filled gem of the same type and create one new empty gem.

[Trap Soul]
xx0046B0 Trap Soul (Petty)
xx0046AF Trap Soul (Lesser)
xx0046AE Trap Soul (Common)
xx0046AD Trap Soul (Greater)
xx0046AC Trap Soul (Grand)

Five Conjuration spells that let the player capture a soul (once) from an already dead target. A soul gem is created automatically.
If the target creature is an NPC (soul level 5), a Black Soul Gem can be created, but there is an increase in Infamy (to offset the plentiful-ness of NPC souls).
The base Magicka cost is equal to half the vanilla Soul Gem Capacity of the corresponding Soul Gem when Conjuration skill is 50. Essentially, this spell converts personal magicka into item charge.

[Trap Soul version 2]
xx00F873 Trap Soul

This is an alternate style of Soul Trapping to the one above.
If (target Willpower x target Level) < (caster Willpower x caster Conjuration skill), then the creature's soul can be trapped and a Soul Gem is created based on the creature's Soul Level. Current Actor Values are used instead of Base Values, so if the target's willpower has been Damaged, or the caster's Willpower or Conjuration have been Fortified, then these affect whether the spell is successful or not. The caster gets only one try with a corpse. If the attempt fails, the "soul has fled" and casting this spell again does not grant another attempt to capture the soul. NPC souls can be captured, but results in 1 point of Infamy. Level 0-3 = Petty Soul, 4-8 = Lesser Soul, 9-15 = Common Soul, 16-24 = Greater Soul, 25+ = Black Soul Gem. This on-touch spell has a 5 ft. radius because often it is difficult to target exactly the corpse you want from a pile. [Upgrade Arrows Generic]
xx0046A0 Upgrade Arrows Generic key

This key has two functions:

(a) Convert Arrows
Arrows are upgraded to 0.05 weight, silvered, and 50% faster. This requires a combination of Alteration and Armorer skills. 2:03 AM 6/22/2010The required skill is (alteration + armorer) >= (arrow damage x 2.5), and at most 3/4 of that value can be from your Alteration skill).

(b) Upgrade Arrows
If the arrow is already a Converted Arrow, Equipping the key will cause the arrows to be upgraded. 3 Arrows are converted into one of the next higher damage class. The required skill is twice that of Converting Arrows.

The mod supports arrows that have a damage rating of 1 to 30.
Successfully performing either action improves Alteration and Armorer skills slightly for every 3 arrows Converted or Upgraded.

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