Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mod - Train Skill On Hit

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This mod attaches a short script onto the Player Character. When the player is hit, it checks to see if the Block, Light Armor, or Heavy Armor skills were improved. If not, it improves either Acrobatics or HandToHand (depending on which ESP) is chosen.

This mod is for characters who like to play with less armour (e.g., you prefer to wear stylish outfits rather than have actual armour); or if they have replaced armour with non-armour-slot items. For example, if you play with Kafei's Armored Circlets, which uses either the Amulet or Tail slot, those slots do not typically get hit in combat, and so you would never get any armor skill training for using them instead of a regular helmet.

Choose only one of the ESPs (if you choose both, whichever is loaded last will be the only one that is used). The script is very simple, and if you want a different skill, or to integrate it into another script on your player character, it is very easy to cut and paste.

Before you install this mod, you may want to use RefScope to make sure you are not already running a mod that attaches a script to the Player Character.

KNOWN ISSUE: Depending on what mods you are running that change a New Game, you may get a CTD (crash to desktop). Simply unload this mod, start your new game, and load it later from a savegame.

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