Sunday, June 21, 2009

Titan Quest Art Files - ARC Explorer and TEX Viewer

ARC Explorer and TEX Viewer
(Direct download links coming soon: ARC Explorer and TEX Viewer)
Another way to explore the art of Titan Quest is to look at the guts of its resources. Using ARC Explorer, you can look at the .arc archive files that comprise the data used by the game. You will find the graphic files in TEX format, so you will probably want to get the TEX Explorer, which also allows you to save them in another more common format, such as JPEG.

While having an overview of the art may sound like an awesome idea, you don't really get the full effect of the art unless you're seeing it worn or wielded by a character. You definitely get none of the special effects that come with an item (such as with the bow Sybaris, which looks like a centipede, complete with writhing legs).
For writers and roleplayers, this is one way to gather an archive of art that you can use for written or verbal descriptions if you don't need to present an actual picture. For example, you could collect all the sword models and distribute them across your fictional world so that each nation or geographic region in your world has their own favoured blade design. A sword is the no longer "just a sword", but comes with a cultural context that can only enrich the world you have imagined.

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