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GQ Spells 1.3b

Download GQ spells for Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
Mod Priority User+3 (

June 6th/2009
  • Changed healing spell descriptions to reflect increased durations.

  • Corrected bug on Blood Assassin spell that prevents it from being properly cast.

  • Added healing spell variants on level II, III, IV spells
    • Heal: Range -30%, heal amount x1.3^2, mana cost unchanged
    • Healing Rain: Lasts 25% longer, area 25% wider, cost 25% more
    • Nourish: Lasts 33% longer, no change in cost
    • Healing Cascade: haven't decided yet, no change yet

  • Removed FX from multiclass buffs.
  • Extended duration of all buffs and assassin Marks
  • Added Silence effect on Mana Strike and Mana Shot

This version is very changed from prior versions. Buggy special effects on attack spells have been removed.

  • For most spells (non-buffs or debuffs), intelligence limits removed. This means if a spell has no change in how it progresses from I to II to III to IV, then version I would be the same as version IV at any Intelligence score.
  • Buffs - Duration x60, additional x4 for multiclass buffs.
  • Call Lightning
    • I/II/III/IV affects 2/3/4/5 enemies with corresponding mana cost and radius increase
  • Embers -- Changed name from "Fire Shot" to "Minor Embers"
  • Fireball, Impale -- +1.0 to radius at II, III, and IV; Mana Cost increased by proportion^2
  • Fire Bolt, Grave Beam, Ice Bolt, Jolt
    • These are "basic attacks" and their mana cost is reduced by 1% per casting level, minimum 0.
  • Fire Spray -- 5/6/8/10 bolts at I/II/III/IV. Mana cost increased proportionately.
  • Grave Beam
    • No longer affects breakables
    • Removed bonus damage on Grave Beam I
  • Iceball -- +0.5 to radius at II, III, and IV; Mana Cost increased by proportion^2
  • Ice Bolt -- Removed Tutorial version damage penalty
  • Leech Life -- Life Drain % is 4/7/10/12
  • All Lightning Spells
    • II/III/IV have wider min/max damage variance by -.25/+.25 at each level, minimum 1%; average damage unchanged
  • Mana Strike, Mana Shot - Added Sience effect. Otherwise there is little point in taking them, especially Mana Shot (another Blood Assassin spell has added damage but with no mana drain per shot).
  • Marks - Extended duration using curse duration bonus from skills.
  • MultiClass Buffs - Removed the visible FX (stone fists and red skulls.
  • Multispark -- 3/4/6/9 bolts at I/II/III/IV
  • Plasma Globe
    • 3/6/12/24 Globes with proportional mana cost increase
    • At II/III/IV, fan angle increases by 50%
  • Ripple
    • Radius 3/4/6/9 with mana cost increased by proportion^2
    • Damage 100%/75%/50%/25%, mana cost reduced proportionately.
  • Skull Spray -- 3/4/5/6 skulls at I/II/III/IV with proportional mana increase
  • Soul Lance
    • Removed ability to affect breakables
    • Increased minimum damage with increase to mana based on 2x increase in average damage
  • Static Bolt -- Slow Duration 2/3/4/5 seconds at I/II/III/IV with proportional mana increase

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